Criminal Sin IPA

Twain’s Original Ales

The Olivia Burger

That’s one gorgeous burger topped with pickled green tomatoes, pimento cheese, house bacon and arugula. On the side? Those are super crisp, parsnip chips. Golden brown […]

Farm Burger & Morelli’s — Dunwoody

Banana, Caramel Pecan & Spiced Pumpkin, Caramel, Pecan

Why are we starting with dessert? Both of these flavors were outstanding. And, we had a hard time picking a favorite between these two deliciously rich combinations. But, in the end, we have to give the edge to the banana, […]

Farm Burger @ Peachtree Road Farmers Market

Farm Burger With Fried Egg

So good…

At first glance, you might think this burger was overcooked.

It only took one bite to erase that fear. This burger was full of rich beef flavor. It was tender, juicy […]


Spindrift Sparkling Blackberry Soda

8 Blackberries & A Squeeze of Lemon

The scent of fresh blackberries hit both of us before ever taking a sip. You really can see specks of blackberry in the bottle and suspended in the soda. We both fell […]

DBA Barbeque

Georgia Mule

DBA’s Georgia Mule is composed of Junior Johnson moonshine, fresh ginger, lime and ginger beer. This cocktail is a lovely breath of fresh air on a warm night.

Fried Pickles & Bacon

Predominantly breaded with cornmeal, these had a […]

Flip Burger, Again


This burger is topped with freshly ground black pepper, chives, slaw, and pulled brisket in rBQ sauce. It all sits on top of a buttery bun with a dab of smoked mayo. It all works. But, it would work even better without the smoked mayo.

Alon’s House-Ground Burgers

Homemade BBQ-grilled Burger on Mini Ciabatta

Another visit to Alon’s… and we made another great find.

We were browsing with some interest at a rather nondescript vacuum-sealed package of ground beef.

Three-Cut Ground Beef of Hanger, Chuck, & Brisket

And, one of the […]

BLT Steak

Cheesy topped popovers

What’s not to love? Crispy cheese topped popovers were served warm with sweet cream butter and sea salt. They were simple & delicious.

Black Angus Burger with double wood smoked bacon

The high quality angus beef shines in this burger. And, nicely […]

Rathbun Steak

While the subdued lighting at Rathbun Steak makes for a pleasant setting. It makes grabbing a shot of the food difficult, if not impossible, during the winter (the patio isn’t really an option). But, quite frankly, with food this good… who cares? I don’t need to take a shot of the steak. The […]

Table 1280

Rock Shrimp with Grits

Subtle changes to a traditional recipe make a world of difference. Rock shrimp are beautiful in this delicate broth with wine and cream. The delicate hint of wine and a mirepoix diced to a fine brunoise transform this Southern Classic into a brand new elegant dish. […]