Favorite Snack of the Year — Gokul Sweets Masala Peanuts

Favorite Snack of the Year, Again

Gokul Sweets Spicy Masala Peanuts

Almost three years ago, we discovered these amazingly delicious spicy snacks in the glass covered case closest to the bakery counter register.  We’ve been devouring them ever since.  Now, this was a very close call.  It could easily be a three-way tie between Gokul Sweets Masala Peanuts, Masala Cashews and Black Pepper Cashews.  And, the masala spiced deep fried chickpea dough strips are pretty amazing, too.  But, we tend to finish the peanuts first.  So, the peanuts edged out the cashews for the win.

Gokul Sweets
763 Dekalb Industrial Way
Decatur, GA 30033
404 299 2062

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