SunO Dessert

Ultimate Mango

Mango ice gets a thin drizzle of sweetened condensed milk and mango syrup.  Then, fresh mango chunks cover the top and another drizzle of condensed milk and mango syrup join the cherry on top.  It’s really popping with mango flavor.  We never would have guessed the sweetened condensed milk could be so pleasant.  It adds a sweet, creamy touch to the perfectly tart mango slices.  If you love mango, this is the perfect mango dessert for summer.

This was a signature SunO option.  But, we’ve forgotten the name of it.  The chocolate has a very light flavor.  And, the richness of the peanuts and peanut butter cups are a bit too much.  We’ll definitely be sticking to the more traditional flavor combinations and the fruit ices with fruit toppings.

Next time:

Thai Tea Ice with Sweetened Condensed Milk & Mochi


Green Tea with Mochi

SunO Dessert
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