Taqueria San Pancho

Tacos al Pastor
(You may order a platter with foil wrapped tortillas or tacos a la carte.)

Richly spiced, but not spicy… this was the clear highlight of our visit.  Sadly, the tortillas that accompanied this platter were quite stale.  We do know how easy it is for this to happen.  Tortillas tend to dry out quickly when exposed to the air.  Not a big deal, but, it was a disappointment.

Torta al Pastor

This was fine.  But, the bread was extremely light, airy, and much too fluffy for our taste.  By the time we’d each taken a bite of our respective half, the sandwich had deflated into a soggy mess.  The taste of the bread had an unpleasant doughy flavor.  It was the same overpowering doughiness that you find in most simple mass-produced breads.

Dark Golden, Thick & Crispy Chips

These had a very hard, brittle crunch to them.  But, the extended time in the deep fryer gave them a deep, rich toasted corn flavor.

Pico de Gallo

Possibly bad timing on our part, but, this pico de gallo was the only item on the Salsa “Bar”.

So, we ordered guacamole and chips.  This came with a small container of mildly spiced tomatillo salsa.  The guacamole was utterly forgettable.  Actually, that’s a bit generous.  It was one of the worst we’ve ever tasted.  It was watery and completely lacked seasoning.  We doubt that even a speck of salt was added.

Taqueria San Pancho is a tiny postage stamp of a restaurant with about a dozen small and medium-sized tables.  The staff is helpful and friendly.  And, if we’re in the area again, we’d give them another chance.

Taqueria San Pancho
4880 Lawrenceville Highway
Tucker, GA 30084
770 493 9845

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