Blueberry Toffee Soft Serve Yogurt

Bad pictures and bad food seem to travel in pairs.

This really grainy photo was taken in the dark recesses of the Phipps AMC to record the worst food to pass our lips in 2012 for posterity.  The flavor combination of toffee and blueberry worked surprisingly well together.  But, what didn’t work?  The excruitiatingly gritty texture of the frozen yogurt was unbearable.  This is the first and only meal (snack?) of 2012 we couldn’t (and didn’t want to) finish.   Thanks to Phipps for providing us with a worst of 2012 entry.  Without you, it would have been a nearly flawless food year.  It is a great theater, but, wow.  Just WOW!  That’s some seriously bad soft serve you’ve got there Phipps.  We try to keep it positive.  But, this was just downright unacceptable.

AMC Phipps

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