Synergy — Enlightened

Enlightened Synergy — GT’s Kombucha — Mystic Mango

Current Favortie Flavor?  By a mile

Too much of a good thing?  Only you know if you partied a bit too hard this long, wet weekend.  But, if you did… this might be a good way for you to get back on the right track.  The sweetness of the mango puree cuts most of the kombucha’s sharpness.  And, there’s this pleasant tart bite that reminds us of scraping sweet mango flesh right off of the skin.  That’s probably why this is our current favorite flavor.  A couple of our other favorite flavors are the Guava Goddess and Multi-Green

Next time?  We’ll be trying the Chia… raspberry?  Maybe.

Synergy Drinks Kombucha

Whole Foods
(We think they offer the best assortment of flavors.)

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