Skybars, Zotz, and Pop Rocks… oh my

Skybar & Zotz

All I want for Christmas is a stocking full of quirky candies…

I’m not sure when skybars were popular (if ever).  But, according to the Necco website, they were introduced in 1938.  So, maybe my grandmother would have been a fan.  She was born in NYC around that time.

What do they taste like?  We don’t know yet.  We’re saving them for Christmas.  Along with some…

Pop Rocks — Candy Cane Flavor

And, if Santa’s listening…

We’d love a couple dark chocolate coffee crisp bars.  We fell in love with those in Canada a couple years ago.

Sweet Factory

(Sweet Factory also has a small shop in the Town Center Cobb.  Some vintage candies can be found there.)

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