Super Duper Smoky @ Ms Betty's House of Ribs

On one of Anthony Bourdain’s excursions to India (Rajasthan), he samples a marijuana laced white chocolate and bhang lassi.  The government licensed shop keeper refers to the strongest bhang lassi as “super duper sexy”.  Speaking of government licensed marijuana, can you imagine how quickly we’d be out of debt if WE had government licensed marijuana shops??  Desperate times call for desperate measures, people… come on Mr. President!  Do it for the good of the nation!  Ok, back on topic.

The Setting: A small mobile home houses the take-out area, one table, a handful of chairs and the kitchen, while a seperate building holds the smoker.  No-frills… just good food.

The Staff:  Super Duper Friendly

The Food:

The Smoked Meat — Well, let’s see.  It’s super tender, super juicy, super smoky, and every other thing good barbeque should be.  One of those things is original.  There is a flavor to Ms Betty’s chicken and ribs that sets it apart.  Is it marinated or brined with a blend of spices and soy?  I’m not sure.  But, there is something seriously unique about the flavor that lies beneath the hickory smoked goodness in her meats.

The Ribs — Fall-off-the-bone tender, rich, meaty, and smoky.  Dished up in very generous serving sizes.

The Chicken — Incredibly juicy and tender, there is no crispness to the skin.  But, you don’t mind sacrificing the crispy bits when you end up with a final product this rich and tender.

Two Sauces — One —  A slightly sweet and tangy North Carolina mustard sauce that is thick enough to scoop up with a chicken wing.

Two — A sweet mild soy sauce based sauce with molasses and barely a of spice.  Very reminiscent of a soy based jerk sauce… without the fiery heat.  The sweet molasses and soy flavor perfectly compliment the super smoky chicken.

Collard Greens — Tender, rich and filled with giant hunks of smoked turkey

Corn Bread Muffins — Traditional, of course.

Con:  Did I mention the smoke?  For those who prefer a more delicate smoke flavor, these ribs might not be for you.  Let me be clear on the issue, this is seriously Super Duper Smoky BBQ.

Star of the Day:  Ms Betty’s House of Ribs… and chicken!

Ms. Betty’s House of Ribs
1281 Bouldercrest Dr
Atlanta, GA 30316
404 243 8484

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