Havana Restaurant

Fried Pork with Onions And Peppers

Served with yellow rice dotted with peas and a condiment cup of red (creole?) sauce on the side, this is definitely the most unusual version of this dish we’ve ever seen.  Sadly, the most notable seasoning on the onions and peppers was an excess of salt.

Bonus Points added for serving a basket of pressed bread with our meal.  But, we’re not fans of margarine.

Side Order of Plantanos Maduros

This was a mountain of properly cooked ripe, sweet plantains.  But sadly, they were literally dripping in oil.

Cuban Sandwich

This sandwich was generously stuffed.  But, both ham and pork were thinly sliced deli meats.

Fried Yuca with Mojo

The perfectly caramelized bits of garlic in this rich mojo was the absolute highlight of the meal.

Out of the three Cuban restaurants we’ve visited in the last few weeks, this one comes in a very distant third place.

(And, we didn’t even hit our Atlanta area favorites.)

Havana Restaurant
3979 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30345
404 633 7549


The website lists the Sunday Hours as 11:30-7:00pm.  But, there’s a sign on the door of the restaurant that states 7:30pm.

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  • BBrinn

    I am here via Marie,Let’s Eat! and wanted to say that these photos are just amazing! I can’t believe that you didn’t enjoy food that looks so good.

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