St George Island Lighthouse & Beach

Cape St George Lighthouse

Boss Oysters — Apalachicola

Boss Oyster Seafood

Super Crisp On The Outside, Fresh On The Inside

Crispy & Light

The crisp exterior was father light. There was […]

Toucan’s — Mexico Beach

Toucan’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

This view was fine.

But, this view was even better.

Goodbye, Gulf Shores!

Hello, Other Road Trips:

1000 Degrees Pizza

White Pizza With Roasted Red Peppers, Mushrooms, & Bacon

Sausage & Peppers Pizza With Roasted Red Peppers

The chain restaurants dominate (by far) in Lake City, Florida. And, for a fast casual chain, this wasn’t bad at all. If we’re […]

Peacock Springs


Big Fish

Did we stumble into an ugly food contest?

While that might appear to be the case, we proudly confess to loving this meal all the same. The crab cakes (two rounds of almost […]

Gulf Shores Beach & Sea ‘N Suds

Two Frozen Adult-Style Beverages (Peach & Piña Colada)

First things first, we need an icy beverage. It’s HOT out there!

Captain’s Choice Dives

Two sites, both deep dive sites with excellent visibility on all dives (the barge & the tug)

Down Under Dive Shop


Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Étouffée Platter (spelled and accented properly)

Shrimp ‘N Grits

Thankfully, this dish doesn’t mangle a foreign language (see below). But, it is served with an absolutely puzzling side dish of cole slaw. Please, don’t ask us to explain the cole slaw. We […]