Big Fish

Did we stumble into an ugly food contest?

While that might appear to be the case, we proudly confess to loving this meal all the same. The crab cakes (two rounds of almost […]

Mercier Orchards

Mercier Orchards

Breakfast Menu: 7am-11am

While deciding on breakfast, we grabbed a few bags of apples…

Yates (Our Current Favorite)

It’s a little thing of beauty. The skin is incredibly tender and delicate. […]

East 48th Street Market

Little Gina’s Pizzelle

Grano Cotta For Pastiera

Roasted Ceci With Salt


Or, Giardiniera Spread

Trapani Sea Salt, Sicily

Lupini […]

East 48th Street Market — Italian Beef

East 48th Street Market’s Italian Beef (The #26)

Since our very first visit, we’ve loved East 48th Street Market. Today, it’s just as great as it ever was. As a matter of fact, we probably love it even more today. It’s a seriously sentimental all-time favorite.

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Don Antonio By Starita

Don Antonio By Starita

The Quiet Before Noon



& More

The Lunch Menu

8 Inch Pizzas (With or […]

Éclat Chocolate

Éclat Chocolate

What’s better than a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? A surprise box (or two) of chocolates that arrive with the promise of more surprises yet to come.

The Peruvian Nacional Traditional Truffles

It just doesn’t get any better […]

Ink & Elm

Ink & Elm

Ink and Elm is a beautiful restaurant that welcomes you from both front and back. This entrance offers a reprieve from the cold on the backside to access their shared lot. Sharing the space with Bad Dog Taqueria, Rise & Dine, and a little Starbucks […]

1910 Public House

Fried Pickles

Lightly breaded with a crisp, flaky batter, these sweet and spicy pickles were a great way to start our meal.

Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Brown Ale (And, a nice glass of Sangiovese)

1910 Burger With Pimento […]

Yebo Restaurant & Bar

Bunny Chow

That sounds so much nicer than chicken liver curry with peri-peri in a South African bread bowl. Or, then again, does it? No matter. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. We want to eat it. This was a mildly spiced, rich and creamy curry […]

Americana Huckleberry Soda

Americana Huckleberry Soda

Finally, a soda that tastes like what it claims to be. This soda has a true huckleberry (or, wild blueberry) flavor. At 160 calories, it is quite sweet. But, the blend of huckleberry and elderberry give this soda real sweet/tart berry flavor with a lovely […]