Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Rose In An Edible Form = “Interesting”

The powerful combination of rose and lemon mingle together without fighting for center stage. And, the ginger adds a barely there bite of sharpness. This was probably one of the most (if not […]

East 48th Street Market — Italian Beef

East 48th Street Market’s Italian Beef (The #26)

Since our very first visit, we’ve loved East 48th Street Market. Today, it’s just as great as it ever was. As a matter of fact, we probably love it even more today. It’s a seriously sentimental all-time favorite.

Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar

We both love caramel… especially when the sweetness of it is toned down.

Here, deep dark caramel has complex, malty notes from the chocolate stout. It works beautifully with the bitterness of the smoke. And, there’s this perfectly tiny touch of salt. That hint of salt works to […]

Vosges — Blood Orange Caramel Bar

Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Bar

There are simply no words to express the absolute perfection of this bar. The chocolate is deep, dark, rich and complex. While the right bite of bitter citrus from blood orange and Campari tempers the sweetness of syrupy smooth caramel, it’s easily the […]


Fentiman’s Shandy & Mandarin Orange Jigger

We both loved the Shandy. And, the Mandarin Orange Jigger was “interesting”.

Lotsa Potato, Little Tuna

It’s a good thing we like a good dose of heat because this Tunisian Tuna sandwich was swimming in […]

Toscano & Sons

Crema di Marroni, Chocolate Fig Jam, & Roasted Fava Beans

Roasted fava beans, you could say they’re a slightly nuttier, tastier big brother to the soy nut. These were roasted nicely and seasoned appropriately with salt. We’d definitely buy them again.

The fate of these two […]

Quicos de Chocolate

Quicos de Chocolate

Chocolate Corn Nuts

These large kernels of corn are fried, dipped in chocolate and dusted with cocoa. You might see these same kernels of deep-fried corn dusted with salt or chili powder at your local convenience store under the name […]

Penzeys Spices

You can’t beat a store full of freshly stocked herbs and spices. From Aleppo to TienTsin, there’s a hot pepper here for you. Or, would you like something a bit more exotic like ajwain seeds, epazote, galangal, kala jeera, sumac or mahlab?

Holiday season is right around the […]

Alon’s Bagels

Everything Bagel

Loaded with…. everything!

We tend to neglect the bagels at Alon’s. But, they deserve better. There’s a gorgeous deep golden exterior that has a nice crunch. The insides are tender, chewy and full of flavor. Slice it open and add a schmear of triple […]


Vosges — Woolloomooloo Bar

Roasted macadamia nuts with salt, Indonesian coconut, hemp seeds and deep milk chocolate…

When you bite into this rich & creamy milk chocolate bar, you might be biting into an exotic chocolate truffle. The flavor of roasted macadamia nuts, hemp seeds and […]