Twisted Taco

Chips & Salsa

Tacos filled with crab balls and blackened fish

I’m not a huge fan of tacos.  And, the tacos here aren’t Tex-Mex or even Tex-Tex, for that matter.  They’re just stuff stuffed inside flour tortillas.  But, it is tasty stuff in generous quantities.  The blackened fish was my favorite… if you can call it that.

My hon’s wacky trio:  thai chicken, fried crawfish and gyro

Definitely not my cup of tea, he later agreed that this particular combination was strange.  But, sampled individually with much drinking in between, they were each tasty enough on their own.  (I was told.  I had no desire to try them.)

Roast pork & blackened tilapia with red cabbage slaw

On a second visit, I ordered the Wyatt Earp and The Baja(pictured above).  And, my hon ordered the crab balls (Wild Alaskan), fried crawfish tails, and something else that I just can’t remember.  (He ate them before we could take a picture.)  We both enjoyed the second visit more than the first.  The Cactus (a prickly pear margarita) increased my enjoyment level significantly. (And, we both love that they’re open late.)

Twisted Taco
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road Suite 32
Atlanta, GA 30346
770 399 0991

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