Jim 'n Nicks BBQ

The Setting:  A free-standing chain restaurant with a rustic theme.  It can only be called a theme, because, it doesn’t feel rustic at all.

The Staff:  On this occasion, our server was a bit abrupt and distracted.  (First Visit… and probably our only visit)

The Food:  If I had to sum it up in a few words… not bad for a chain.  But, this is definitely chain food.  We ordered two meat plates, one with pulled pork and brisket and the other with chicken and hot sausage links.  The pulled pork wasn’t bad… not a lot of smoke flavor and a bit dry.  But, the brisket had the taste of meat that had been simmering in some sort of broth.  I’ve never described bbq brisket this way before.  But, the only way to describe it is that the meat was very wet with a texture of corned beef.  Oddly, the brisket had more smoke flavor than the pulled pork, but, the texture and wetness of the brisket was very offputting and unpleasant.

The worst part of the meal was served to my dining companion.  He ordered the two meat plate with chicken and hot sausages.  We expected a quarter of bbq chicken, but, what he got was a finely chopped mound of chicken that was incredibly soft and mushy.  I didn’t know it was possible to make chicken mushy.  It had the same wetness that the brisket exhibited and it was relatively flavorless.  The hot sausages were tasty, but, they couldn’t erase the memory of the chicken.

The meal might have been better if everything wasn’t heavily doused with their original bbq sauce.  It’s a very ketchupy sauce that is not to my taste at all.  The hot bbq sauce that was on the table would have been better, but, there was too much sauce already on the food to use it.

Star of the Day:  None… for the prices we expected better

The Verdict:  It will be hard to talk me into eating here… ever again.

Jim ‘n Nicks
1103 Old Peachtree Road
Suwanee, GA
770 255 1717

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