Patak Meats… Another Visit

Smoked Pork Loin, Mortadella (without pistachios), Black Forest Ham, Bohemian Smokies and assorted Kielbasa

This would’ve been nice to eat on Super Bowl Sunday.  But, at the rate that it’s disappearing, there won’t be anything left on Sunday.  On this visit, we focused on the smoked meats.  Not all of our purchases made it into the photo.  We also purchased a couple kabanos, spicy Hungarian salami, and a version of the single smoked “Bohemian Smokies”.  The Bohemian Smokies are smoked twice for an incredibly deep smoky flavor.

The andouille is visible in this shot and its possible to see the pepper in the kielbasa (center rear).  The Ukrainian kielbasa was a favorite for both of us.  But, the smoked pork tenderloin was the real jackpot.  It’s shockingly tender.  How can it be so moist and smoky at the same time?  In a word, it’s divine.  Without a doubt, it’s best smoked meat we’ve ever tasted.

Black Forest Ham on European Peasant Rye

We’re not sure of the proper name in Czech or Polish for this bread.  But, in Germany, one of our father’s would’ve called it “Bauernbrot”.  It’s a dense rustic rye that uses a sourdough-like starter that is made with rye flour.

This small array of food stumbled into bad lighting.  We enjoyed all of it though, so, we must add this staggeringly bad photo.  We’d hate to forget about the “dadu” a strangely labeled chocolate dessert cheese bar.  The filling is reminiscent of chocolate cheesecake.  Then, it’s dipped in chocolate.  The first bite instigated intrigued looks at each other.  By the end, we were fighting over the last bite.  And, the Wendler “Nougat” bars were composed of a layer of marzipan wrapped around a cylinder of gianduja.   Then, dip the things in chocolate and garnish them with dark chocolate swirls for kicks and giggles.  Love Love LOVE this bar.  It’s our favorite chocolate treat of the year… so far.

Patak Meat’s Sausage Chalet

It’s well worth the drive… every time.
(But, they’re only open one Saturday each month.  When in doubt, call or check the website before visiting.)

Patak Meats
41o7 Ewing Road
Austell, GA 30106
770 941 7993

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