East 48th Street Market — Italian Beef

East 48th Street Market’s Italian Beef (The #26)

Since our very first visit, we’ve loved East 48th Street Market. Today, it’s just as great as it ever was. As a matter of fact, we probably love it even more today. It’s a seriously sentimental all-time favorite.

Crawfish Shack

Soft Shell Crab Po’boy

From the bread to the crispy crab to the nicely spiced drizzle of sauce on top, this was incredibly good. We’re already craving another one.

Fried Shrimp

Better on previous visits, but, these were […]

Folk Art

Folk Southern Fried

Biscuits, Fried Chicken Breast, Sunny Side Up Egg, & A Ridiculously Good Sausage Gravy

This tastes even better than it looks.

Cross-Section Of All Things Delicious

Foul Play

Victory Sandwich Bar

Spiked Sodas

We started with a Root Canal.


A Paloma

We never would have guessed the magic that would happen by simply adding absinthe to root beer. It cranks the complexity off the charts. It’s root beer, intensified. […]

King + Duke

Super Thin House-Made Potato Chips Dusted With Fresh Dill

It took just one bite of these super thin, super crisp chips and we’re happy.

Roast Pork “French Dip”

One look at that gorgeous pink color tells you the pork will be […]

Fox Bros BBQ

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q Paloma Margarita

Tequila Blanco, ruby grapefruit juice, triple sec and agave

Abita Pecan Harvest Ale

BBQ Chicken Half with White BBQ Sauce, Mac & Cheese And Cornbread

After too many years to count […]

The Optimist

Oysters, West Coast

Sweet and bursting with an incredible depth of flavor, we loved them. These oysters are meant to be eaten as they are. They’re just too good to be hidden under a mignonette or grated horeseradish. Add a drop or two of lemon, if you must.


Huy’s Sandwiches

Huy’s Bahn Mi With Grilled Pork

Bahn Mi Combination With Pâté

Steamed Bun With Pork & Sausage

Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea

Fast & Delicious…

We were in and out in 5 minutes […]

Patak Meats

Black Forest Ham, Smoked Liverwurst & German Bologna

These are perfect fixings for a Super Bowl sandwich platter. Just add a loaf of your favorite fresh bakery bread and some spicy mustard.

Patak Meats 4107 Ewing Road Austell, GA 30106 770 941 7993


H&F Bread Co. — Pretzel Rolls

Pretzel Rolls

These beautiful pretzel rolls are formed into mini baguette shapes (AKA mini ficelle). And, they couldn’t be more perfect in freshness, flavor, or texture. Though, we might appreciate a touch less salt. But, that’s an easy fix. We simply brush off the excess with our fingers. […]