Thai Basil Curry Terra Chips

Thai Basil Curry Terra Chips

It might be more straightforward to say a full serving of ROOT vegetables in every ounce.  Our bag only had a couple Kabocha chips.  But, those were a couple of mighty tasty curried chips.

In any event, they were too good.  We made a meal out of this bag.  They were all super crisp and the assortment of fried chips added a great variety of flavor to the curry seasoning blend.

Terra Chips

(We found our bag at Whole Foods.)

3 comments to Thai Basil Curry Terra Chips

  • jim


    Really like your blog. I have been looking for
    these chips for weeks now and cannot find them
    anywhere. Which Whole Foods did you find them at?


  • michele

    Hi Jim,

    We’ve bought a couple bags at this point. We purchased the most recent at the Sandy Springs Whole Foods around Dec 30-31. So, I think it’s safe to say they’ll still have them at that location. And, I’m pretty sure the previous bag was found at the Cobb Harry’s Whole Foods. The Sandy Springs Whole Foods also had another brand of Thai chips (potato chips, i think). But, we liked the Terra Chips better. Hope this helps.

    Thanks for reading our blog,

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