The General Muir — Bagels

The General Muir’s Sesame Bagel

We would have preferred poppy.  But, beggars can’t be choosers.  Even after an early lunch, the bagels were almost gone by the end of our meal.  So, go early!

What separates a good bagel from a great bagel?  It’s not something that’s easily put into words.  But, there is a certain feel and touch.  It’s a hard crackly exterior with a moist, yet chewy interior.  The interior should not be heavy or clunky.  It should be  soft, with a dense crumb and possess a mature flavor.  It should not under ANY circumstances taste doughy or flour-y.

The General Muir’s Salt Bagels

These salt bagels offer a glimpse to that which is impossible to put to words.  Do you see those glossy, thin bubbles?  You sink your knife into a bagel like this and there’s an extremely satisfying crackle-y crisp crunch.  Those thin bubbles shatter and crunch loudly yeilding to the moist interior.

Plenty of bubbles dot the interior.

These were three of the best bagels we’ve had in a REALLY long time.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA  30329
678 927 9131

Midnight Snacktime?  They were still crackle-y crisp, delicious and beautiful.

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