Cap’n Crunch Delights

Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights

Cinnabon Delights

“Wow, these are REALLY greasy!”

So, the slogan on the bag says, “You Can Taste It!”

What exactly are we tasting?  The oil?  Lots and LOTS of oil… That’s what we’re tasting.  If these weren’t literally saturated and dripping oil, it’s possible that they might have been very slightly tasty (if you’re looking for a super sweet Cap’n Crunch Berries flavor).   But, they were so completely soaked with oil that they were inedible.

But, wait!  As if that’s not enough oil in one bite, each bite is also filled with greasy, sugary frosting!


To be fair, we cut into several of them.  Each one was equally saturated with oil.  There’s just no excuse for something this bad.  These “pastries” might just be the worst thing that we’ve ever tasted.  If they’re not the very worst, they’re certainly topping our list of “NEVER AGAIN!”

We also tried the loaded grillers.  There are three types:  Chipotle (mild), Habanero (hot), and Ghost Pepper (fiery).  Basically, they taste like everything that you’ve come to expect from the Taco Bell menu.  The ghost pepper is a little bit spicy.  But, it’s no where near the level of spicy heat that you’d expect from something with the name “ghost pepper” attached to it.

If we were hungry (no scratch that, if we’re ABSOLUTELY STARVING!) with fast food as our only available option, we might consider eating another griller.  And, in that very limited case scenario, we might choose to eat the Habanero Griller or the Ghost Pepper griller…. over the option of going hungry.

Taco Bell

2 comments to Cap’n Crunch Delights

  • Min

    You are so brave to eat that. It is an unnatural color! How did your garden do this year?

  • michele

    Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal is clearly bursting with all sorts of unusually bright, unnatural colors. And, we get that’s the inspiration. But, there’s no excuse for food to ever be literally oozing oil. That’s just downright disgusting and unacceptable …even for the worst of fast foods.

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