Sweet Potato Fries @ Burger King

Burger King’s Sweet Potato Fries

Burger King’s new menu makes an easy target.  And, say what you will about most of the new additions.  These sweet potato fries are really good.  We’d say they hover somewhere just above other fast food fry options.  If we’re starving, we’d pick these sweet potato fries over the rest.  That is… IF… And, ONLY IF, the same golden brown, crispy fries are available at all Burger Kings.

Carolina BBQ Whopper

Ok, sure, we’re still with you.  This was an edible fast food burger.  Even if the sweet bbq sauce was a bit too sweet for our taste, we might choose this again.  (Time to qualify:  That is to say, we might choose this again if we’re starving and Burger King was our only option.)

Burger King’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Ok, you’re losing us.

Now, lets think.  What’s the kindest thing we can say about this?  It’s better than Subway’s disgusting and inedible version of barbecued mystery meat.  Phew, there, we did our good deed for the day.

Caramel Bacon Sundae

Oh, Burger King.  You make us want to cry.

There are so many things wrong with this.  Where oh where to start?  There is absolutely no sense of subtlety or nuance.  (Yeah, I know, this is Burger King…. What are we thinking?  Of course, there isn’t.)  If someone is even going to think about putting smoky pork with a sweet thing, it needs to be done in extreme moderation.  And, that smoky pork tidbit would have to be crisp to the point of brittle.  Then, and only then, would the tiniest sprinkling of smoky, salty flavor accent the caramel.  This soggy slab of undercooked, flabby bacon on top of soft serve ice cream is utterly repugnant.

Burger King
(You know where to find them.)

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