Toscano & Sons

Stocking the Pantry:

Toscano & Sons has a wide assortment of goods.  Parmigiano Reggiano butter, a great selection of Italian deli meats & cheeses, coffees, Italian vegetable seeds for planting, chilled Italian sodas for sale individually, chinotto & san bitter by the pack,  and too many pantry items to name… I love this charming little shop.  And, it’s a good excuse to eat panini.

Panini #1:

The Viola

A tasty blend of mortadella, speck, salami, provolone & olive tapenade.  In a word… yum.

Panini #2:

The Porchetta

Tender, succulent pork slices with melty fontina… I can’t think of a better way to stuff a panini.  Perfectly simple & perfectly delicious.

Oh yeah, by the way, these panini cost less than $5 each.

Toscano & Sons
1000 Marietta Street
Suite 106
Atlanta, GA 30318

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