Las Brasas

Las Brasas Chicken

What a great weekday meal!

Potatoes With Huancaina Sauce
(Papas a la Huancaina)

Sauce with Huacatay
(Aji de Huacatay)
(AKA The Hot Sauce)

On each visit, the chicken was beautifully cooked and delicious.  Add the aji de huacatay, it’s nothing short of divine.

One Dinner

Another Dinner

Two dinners in two weeks, both orders of chicken were tender, full of flavor and moist.

Sweet Potato Fries

On each visit our sweet potato fries were made to order.  Served piping hot, they never made it home.  We devoured each and every fry in the car on the way home.

And, each of the to-go boxes were overflowing with fries.



Las Brasas Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken
310 East Howard Avenue
Decautur, GA 30030
404 377 9121

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