Smoked Scallops & Grits

What could be better than the sweet, savory goodness of a tender scallop?  Add a touch of smoke.  It’s nothing short of divine.

Those perfectly seared smoked scallops are topped with crispy bits of onion and shallot.  They sit in a fluffy bed of creamy grits.  And, the smooth, buttery sauce rounds out the dish.  Butter and scallops, it’s a marriage made in heaven.

Look at that gorgeously poached egg nestled in with those creamy grits.

More, please.

Hangtown Fry

The delicately cooked egg crepes were delightful.  So tender, the egg and spinach blend together effortlessly into an even more delicious whole.

Finely diced potatoes complete the dish.  Crispy edges and tender middles, we enjoyed every bite.

The Current Brunch Menu

Brunch Cocktail, anyone?

The early bird catches the worm.

1106 Crescent Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA  30309
404 817 3650

The Greatest Kitchen Gadget … EVER!

The Hot Dog Slic’r

No, it’s really the most useless gadget in the world.  And, as if that’s not bad enough, why are they dipping the miniature hot dog pieces in ketchup?  Ketchup?!?

Where would you find such a ridiculous thing?  Well, it starts with W and ends in mart.

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts

Doughnut & Latte Love

Pineapple Fritter with Toasted Coconut & Lime Icing, Passionfruit with Chocolate Drizzle, Blackberry Jam, Lemon Meringue, Coffee Cream with Chocolate Drizzle, Nutella Twist, & Salted Nut Bar

This is one big box full of delicious.

The Nutella Twist

Using doughnuts as a scale of reference, it’s almost 3 doughnuts long.  That’s one big cream filled twist.  And, anything with chocolate and hazelnut demands our instantaneous love.

This is a better look at the nut covered salted caramel bar, and the dark chocolate cake doughnut with white chocolate chips.  That chocolate cake was a bit smaller than all the rest.  But, it was packing a punch of deep dark chocolate taste.  We both loved it.

The salted caramel comes with nuts or without nuts (look to the far left).

Coffee Cream with Chocolate Drizzle

You can see the little flecks of espresso powder.  It’s the perfect mix of sweet chocolate, rich coffee and buttery cream.

Pineapple Fritter with Toasted Coconut and Lime Glaze

In a box full of winners, it’s really saying something when we can pick a favorite.  This was TO DIE FOR good.  Seriously.  It’s too good to put into words.  Just eat it.

Those bites of pineapple are sweet and full of flavor.  The bright taste of lime wakes up all that richness.  And, the toasted coconut gilds the lily and takes you away to somewhere tropical when the weather’s frigid.  It’s a doughnut to make you happy.

Midnight Snack Time = Lemon Meringue

It’s a thing of beauty.  And, it’s delicious.  Tart lemon cream inside of a perfect doughnut shell, top that with a meringue that tastes like the perfect roasted marshmallow.  What more could any doughnut loving human want?

Blackberry Jam
(Stuffed so full, it’s barely contained inside the yeast doughnut shell.)

We shared two doughnuts for a midnight snack.  One half of each doughnut hit the spot.  The rich blackberry jam filled doughnut made the perfect pairing to the tart lemon.  The blackberry is sweeter, but, not overly sweet.  The tartness of the blackberries shine.  A light dusting of powdered sugar crosses your lips last.  Ending each bite with a touch of sweetness, that dusting of sugar makes you crave the next bite.

Dutch Monkey

See those big things in the back?  They’re giant cinnamon buns.

…maybe next time

So Many Choices

Those maple bars (dead center) were very tempting, too.

Busy Doughnut Makers

Check out their Facebook page for Daily Flavor Specials:  Dutch Monkey Doughnuts

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts
3075 Ronald Reagan Blvd.
Suite 502
Cumming, GA 30041
404 482 3650

The Blaxican

The Blaxican Food Truck

The Menu

BBQ Steak Tacos

Blackened Fish Tacos

Very tasty tacos, each taco was generously stuffed with blackened tilapia.  And, an equally generous portion of sweet potato fries make a hearty side.  Now, if only the weather would shape up so we could eat our taco feast in the great outdoors.

…any day now!

Don’t you love some clever camo?

Check out facebook to find them:  The Blaxican Food Truck

The Blaxican

The General Muir Bagel Vs …

The General Muir Poppy Bagel


Crazy good all-around delicious artisan bagel, great mature flavor to the dough, thick and crackly crisp, yet chewy crust that makes the most satisfying crunch when you slice the bagel.  And, there seems to be a decent amount of fat to round out the flavor.  These bagels are so incredibly good.  We’re starting to fall in love with these bagels.


If we’re being picky, the amount of poppy seeds vary greatly from day to day and from bagel to bagel.  On the day we bought this batch of bagels, the poppy seeds were either used sparingly or they’d fallen off in the basket.

Regardless of the skimpy poppy seed usage, we love the bagels at The Deli at The General Muir.  And, they’re well on their way to becoming some of our favorites in the city.

Every General Muir bagel offers the thin layer of sheer bubbles that create the crispy exterior we’re loving just a little bit more with each new visit.

Goldberg Bagel Co. Poppy Bagel

What a beauty!

Goldberg’s Bagel Co. Poppy Bagel


Very good, very consistent, very generous with the poppies and the dough is gorgeous and full of flavor.  This is a denser bagel than the General Muir.  But, it’s also closer to a traditional NY deli style bagel.  And, they’re close to us!


If you don’t go early, many types are sold out.  And, that makes us want to cry.  But, this isn’t a fair con.  It’s partially our fault.  We’re late sleepers.

BB’s Bagels Poppy Seed Bagels

BB’s also has those little bubbles that make for a crackly exterior.

BB’s Poppy Bagel


Outstanding bagel, very generous with the poppies, very consistent, crackly crisp exterior… and the interior is moist, tender, and full of flavor.  And, they have the most variety of flavors.  There are so many flavors!.  It’s hard to pick a favorite.  But, one of our non-traditional favorites would be the energy bagel.  It’s chock full of raisins, seeds and nuts.  And, the French Toast reminds us of crumb cake.  That’s a very good thing.  And, the cinnamon raisin bagels (loaded with cinnamon & raisins) and blueberry bagels are mighty tasty, too.  So many choices…


It’s almost a 30 minute drive north of 285.
(But, they’re worth every minute of that drive.)

BB’s Energy Bagel

Rich, filling and delicious… Yum!

Bagel Palace’s Poppy & Salt Bagels


When they’re good, they’re really good.


Very inconsistent, dense, doughy flavor, and they’re often undercooked.  And, the life span of Bagel Palace’s bagels was the shortest of the bunch.

Three out of the four we bought were slightly undercooked.

Bagel Palace’s Salt & Poppy Bagels (General Muir, in the back)

The bagel in the lower right corner was perfect.  The exterior was crisp and flaky.  And, the interior was a bit dense, tender and full of bubbles.  But, we had to buy four bagels to luck into one good bagel.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  It’s a recurring issue.  Comparing them next to the General Muir (in the background), they almost look anemic.

Bottom to Top:  General Muir, Goldberg’s, and Bagel Palace

We’re falling in love with The General Muir’s Bagels.  BB’s Bagels and Goldberg’s are a very VERY close second.  We might even say that depending on the day, we might give them a three way tie.  All three places offer some really nice bagels with far more pros than cons.  And, Bagel Palace could easily inch closer to the top of the list if they’d work on their consistency.  We don’t like to gamble.  So, sadly, that makes Bagel Palace a fallback when Goldberg’s bagels are sold out.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329
678 927 9131

BB’s Bagels
(2 Locations)

Goldberg’s Bagel Co. & Deli
(6 Locations)

Bagel Palace Deli & Bakery
2869 North Druid Hills Road
Atlanta, Ga 30329
Deli:  404 315 9016
Bakery:  404 315 9017

The General Muir — Another Visit

Fish & Potatoes

Smoked Salmon Over Latkes with Arugula & Green Apple

Such a gorgeous blend of fresh, smoky and hearty, the light dressing of lemon juice brings all of this goodness to one harmonious mass of flavors.  Bitter greens, acidic fresh lemon, sweet/tart green apple, it all wakes up the smoky salmon.  While the perfectly golden potatoes add substance and richness.  It all just works.

So very well, it works.

Smoked Hash With Sunny Side Up Eggs

It’s what’s for breakfast.  And, it’s so good.

Chocolate Babka

It’s the dessert nibble that should end every brunch-time meal.

The menu claims a ricotta topping with orange zest.  But, we’re pretty sure that’s mascarpone.  Either way, this was a beautifully rich and delicious way to end our meal.  We’re happily predicting much babka will be in our future.  Babka and bagels… what more could you want?

Next Up:

We’ll have more to say about those gorgeous (and delicious) General Muir bagels.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329
678 927 9131

BB’s Bagels

The Ultimate Benny at BB’s Bagels

Take one toasted bagel.  Then, top it with nova, cream cheese, onion, tomato and a couple capers.  If you don’t mind what we affectionately refer to as “diner style” hollandaise, it’s one great breakfast.

Eggs Benedict

Substituting the muffin for a poppy bagel makes this version even better.  And, even though the hash browns could have used a bit more seasoning (salt & pepper), they were really quite good.

Each egg was beautifully cooked.  The whites were firm and the yolks were thick and custardy.  And, that bagel was delicious.  It was loaded with poppy seeds, that’s always a plus in our book.

BB’s Bagels
10995 State Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022
770 754 9595

The Olde Kitchen

Banana Walnut Waffles & Two Boneless Fried Chicken Breasts

The exterior of the waffles offer just a touch of crunch with a softy, fluffy and dense (in a good way) interior.  The richness of the walnuts and sweet bananas in the batter add to the flavor of a very cake-like waffle.  The delicate sweetness teeters on that fine line of sweet, but, not too sweet.  Like Goldilocks seeking that “Just Right” balance, these gorgeous waffles fit the bill brilliantly.  These waffles might just be good enough to convert us to the waffle lover’s camp.

The fried chicken demands equal time and attention.

When you sink your fork into a super crisp shell and see a little rush of juice, you know even before that first bite that you’re in for a good piece of fried chicken.  We both commented on the light coating of crisp breading that is both crispy and delicate at the same time.   And, there’s a touch of old-fashioned seasoning in that breading that we really enjoyed.  If we were forced to guess, we might guess allspice and freshly ground black pepper?  Regardless, we like it.  It was an interesting note that kept the sweet waffles and syrup from dominating the meal.

Pecan Waffles & Another Double Dose of Fried Chicken Breasts

Can you see all of those yummy pecans?  So good.
(And, yes, someone likes butter.)

It’s even more charming in person.

 You see less than 10 boothes as you step through the door.  But, there’s a bar with stools tucked into a corner and another seating area up the small set of stairs.

Some of the choices on the wood veneer menu.

.99 cents for a biscuit?  …How is it possible that we did we not try this?

Eggs, Omelettes & Sandwiches, Too!

The Olde Kitchen
323 Walker Street
Atlanta, GA 30313
404 524 6324

Plenty of parking is just a short walk away.


Chicken & Waffles

In our experience, the waffles always play second fiddle to the fried chicken.  That was not the case here.  These waffles took center stage for us.  Super crisp and a bit dense, we both enjoyed the richness of these waffles.  No additional butter was needed.  We simply added a light drizzle of sorghum syrup and let the waffles shine.

All of that waffle praise doesn’t come lightly.  Neither one of us are real waffle fans.  So, that’s really saying something.  It’s even higher praise after one taste of the chicken.  The fried chicken breast offered plenty of flavor with a nice dose of black pepper in its crispy shell.  Crispy on the outside with a moist and tender interior, this is one brunch we’d love to repeat in the very near future.

Shrimp & Crab Po’Boy

This sandwich was filled with crispy plump shrimp, slivers of shallot and a mound of creamy crab spread on the thick slices of toasted bread.  The spicing is quite mild.  We found this to be a plus.  A spicier kick could have easily hidden the delicate flavor of crab and the lovely bread.  All of the flavors blend well.  Yet, each element contributes to the whole.  All in all, this was a fabulous brunch-time sandwich.

A peek in the mirror shows a nearly packed house.

Next time:  Sprout Burger? Hmmm….

Sprig Restaurant
2860 Lavista Road
Decatur, GA 30033
404 248 9700

That Pie Place

Italian Sausage & Pulled Pork Savory Pies

The Italian Sausage

Sausage, provolone, peppers and onions stuffed inside a flaky pastry shell.

Meat Lover’s Pie

Bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella cheese and chunky pizza sauce fill this pie.

Pulled Pork Pie

Tender, shredded pulled pork blended with either a tangy, Carolina style barbecue sauce or a sweet Kansas City style barbecue.  For this pie, we chose the Kansas City style sauce.

Quite tasty, we enjoyed the BBQ and the meat lover’s pies the most out of the three.  And, we’re eager to return and give the buffalo chicken pie a taste.  But, next time, we’ll stay there to eat our savory hand pies.  They didn’t handle the drive home as well as we’d hoped they might.  All of our pies were a bit soft and a touch soggy.

The Elvis Pie

Take warm banana pudding and add a touch of peanut butter and chocolate.  Then, stuff all of it in a buttery pie crust to push it over the top and make it truly decadent.  This might not be the prettiest of foods.  As a matter of fact, it’s the literal definition of a hot mess.  Who cares?  It’s one hot mess we want to eat.  It’s too tasty for words and it was easily our favorite of the bunch.

S’more Pie

We both thought they could have been a bit more generous with the brownie and marshmallow.  Even though this pie felt dominated by the crust, we’d be willing to give it another chance.

To sum up:

Tasty stuff jammed in buttery, flaky pie crust?  Yup, you got it.  But, eat your pies at That Pie Place or they’re likely to be a bit soft and soggy.  We’ll be back to try that soon.

That Pie Place
6355 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA  30328
770 394 4743