East Pearl

Black Sticky Rice Balls

The black sticky rice balls were strewn with bits of chicken and pork.  Very tasty and possibly better then the lotus leaf rice,  that added crunchy bite of texture from the black rice made these a favorite.  We were clearly in the mood for a bit of rice on this day.  Normally, we’d stick with one rice dish.

Lo Mai Gai — Lotus Leaf Rice

These were stuffed very generously.  There may have been more pork, duck, sausage and shrimp than rice.

We enjoyed the bites of squash, too.  Those little cubes were full of flavor.

Gao Choy Got — Fried Garlic Chive & Shrimp Dumplings

There was a good balance of shrimp to chives.  Every bite was greeted with plump and tender pieces of shrimp.

Haam Sui Gau — Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls With Pork

Someone always has to order these.  They don’t really want to do it.  But, they do.  It just happens.

Cha Siu Sou (Or, Char Siu Sou) — BBQ Pork Pastries
Fu Pei Guen — Tofu Skin Rolls (In back)

Both were rich, tasty and full of pork.  But, those flaky little treasures filled with barbecued pork were snatched up at light speed.  Yes, they’re blurry.  We were too busy fighting over the extra pastry to focus properly.

East Pearl
1810 Liddell Lane
Duluth, GA 30098
678 380 0899

Golden House — Dim Sum

Manila Clams In Black Bean Sauce

These were incredibly tender and extremely nibble-worthy.

Roast Duck

Our serving of duck was very tender and seasoned with a rich blend of spices including the pleasantly sweet touch of star anise.  But, sadly, the skin wasn’t crisp… at all.

BBQ Pork

The BBQ pork was also tender and tasty.  And, the 50/50 platter makes a nice dish for two to share.

Chiu Chow Fun Guo

(Or, Chao Zhou Fen Guo… Or, Chiu Chao Fan Guo)

These are always a dim sum favorite of ours.  Translucent wrappers are stuffed with peanuts, chives, pork and garlic.  And, these were divine.

Hatosi — Shrimp Toast

Usually, these are a huge disappointment.  …But, not today.  From the deep-fried cruller wrapper  to tender shirmp filling, these were perfect.  The exterior was warm and super crisp.  And, the interior was moist, tender and full of superb shrimp flavor.  This was our favorite dish of the day.

Yeung Qi Dze — Stuffed Eggplant

When the edges of the eggplant still have that delicate crunch, there’s no doubting that this was fresh out of the pan.

Har Gow (Or, Har Gau) — Crystal Shrimp Dumplings

These weren’t great.  The wrappers were overcooked and soggy.

And, A Sweet To End The Meal

Almond Slices, Coconut, And Goji Berries

This was a refreshingly light and tasty end to our meal.

Golden House
1600 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
770 921 2228


Ammazza’s Inferno Pizza

This gorgeous crust was generously loaded with sopressata, basil and delicious blobs of mozzarella.  Then, sliced Calabrian peppers were scattered on top.  This was an incredibly good pizza.

Good Structure

The toppings remained on top.  And, the crust stayed crisp.

Simply Gorgeous

Good color, lots of beautiful bubbles, and most importantly… incredible flavor.  This was one well-made and perfectly delectable crust.

…And Some Great Beer, Too

Two Wild Heaven Ales

A peek at the menu.

Another Peek

Hard At Work Making The Pizza

591-A Edgewood Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
404 228 1036

So Kong Dong

Bi Bim Gook Soo

This was an incredibly satisfying and lovely dish of spicy cold buckwheat noodles, shredded cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and toasted sesame seeds tossed in a pepper sauce made with sesame oil, soy and gochujang.

Dolsot Bibimbap

Harmonious balance in a bowl, start with a palate of vegetables, tofu, a raw egg and toasted sesame seeds in a stone bowl.  Then, make it your own.


Each of our combos came with a side of sizzling, tender short ribs glazed in a rich Korean soy, rice wine, garlic and sugar laced sauce.  Both sizzling platters were perfectly tender.

Jap Chae (or Jahp Chae)

A generous mound of Korean glass noodles, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, scallions, and toasted sesame seeds are tossed with sesame oil to create a favorite banchan.  It’s definitely one of our favorites.  And, this was a delicious version of the dish.


White radish kimchi, this had a very sharply sour bite.

Baechu Kimchi

This was a very fine napa cabbage kimchi.

Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker

Broccoli With Red Pepper Sauce & Korean Potato Salad

So Kong Dong
5280-C Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340
678 205 0555


Mon, Wed, Thur, Sun — 9:30am – 10pm

Fri-Sat — 9:30am – 11pm

DeliManjoo @ Buford Highway Farmers Market

Vanilla Cream Deli Manjoo

For just over 2 dollars, you can have 12 two-bite eggy, cream filled treats.  Be sure to look for the manjoo maker in operation.  That way you can ask for a bag fresh off the presses.

Each manjoo is popped out of their cast iron cocoons with a bamboo skewer.

One set of tubes fills the mold with eggy batter.  Then, the second set of tubes adds the vanilla cream.  Is it more fun to watch the machine make the treat?  Or, is it more fun to eat them?

Hmm, one says watch.

Greedy Fingers Says Eat.

Buford Highway Farmers Market

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House


This was a gorgeous blend of flavors all rolled up and ready to eat.

Kimchi & Pork Stone Bowl

Spicy Squid Stone Bowl

Rich, savory and just the right bite of spice,  the flavors didn’t overwhelm the tender squid.  They enhanced it in the right way.  And, the greens added a lovely color and a touch of fresh.

Playing with our food has never tasted quite so good.

Seafood Pancake Slices, Peppers & Green Beans

Glazed Potatoes & Kimchi

It’s all good.

…So Very Good

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House
5952 Buford Highway
Suite 107
Doraville, GA 30340
678 530 0844

Gingerbread Cookie Shake @ Burger King

Gingerbread Cookie Shake

For a fast food shake, this was pretty darn good.  The vanilla soft serve ice cream used to make this milkshake added a lovely, creamy vanilla background to accent the gingerbread spices.

If you like gingerbread, this is worth a try.

Gingerbread Sundae

Eh, this was “ok”.  But, it just didn’t quite work.  Straight up, the soft serve vanilla wasn’t as enjoyable.  There was an unpleasant icy quality to it.  And, the “caramel” was too syrupy sweet and runny.  Both elements work better hidden in the blended shake.

Burger King

Buttermilk Kitchen

Shrimp & Grits

Plenty of shrimp, fried onions, crispy bits of bacon and tender chunky grits with lovely texture, what’s not to love?

Eggs Benedict With Country Ham

Both eggs were perfectly cooked.

The country ham was tender and rich with flavor.  And, the freshly ground black pepper gave a mild spice to the dish.  We’re already craving more.

Brûlée-d Bananas & Banana Pancakes

Just say yes.

When it arrives, add maple syrup and devour.

Dancing Goat French Press Coffee & Carrot-Orange Juice

The 32oz French press pot gave us each a full cup of coffee and 2 very generous refills.

Fried Chicken Dinner Tuesdays & An Apple Butter Recipe

Fried Chicken Dinner Menu

Extra Parking In The Back

Just look for the neon sign.

Buttermilk Kitchen
4225 Roswell Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA  30342
678 732 3274


Tuesday-Friday — 7:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday — 8:00am to 4:00pm

Jang Su Jang

Bossum Jungsik

Tender slices of steamed pork with two types of pickled daikon, seafood pancake slivers in sweet red pepper sauce and steamed cabbage leaf wraps

From Rich to Spicy to Sharp & Tangy to Sweet Savory…

This was a gorgeous example of a balance of flavors.

Daeji Bulgogi

Spicy pork Korean barbecue topped with toasted sesame seeds and scallion slivers, this was a rich and delicious mountain of pork.  The spice level could range from fairly mild (our take on it) to moderate depending on your taste.

Some Of The Korean BBQ Options

The Rest Of The Feast

In a word… divine.

And, A Giant Stone Bowl of Rice For Each Person

You’d better be hungry.

A Peek Of The Interior

Jang Su Jang Tofu Korean BBQ
3645 Satellite Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
678 475 9170

JR’s Log House

Southern Cornbread

Crispy, golden brown edges and plenty of corn meal, this is really great example of Southern style cornbread.  Our basket was warm and moist.  That barely-there touch of moisture is a sure sign that this was one fresh batch of cornbread.

Fried Chicken

Crisp and lightly breaded on the outside, both pieces were shockingly moist and tender.  Minimal spices allow the flavor of the chicken to shine through.

Sweet Potato Casserole & Brunswick Stew

Both were tasty sides.  The sweet potato casserole with its marshmallows and raisins was more than sweet enough to be a dessert.  We mean that in a good way.

Ultra crispy on the outside, tender on the inside

We both enjoyed the light touch used in breading this tasty breast.  Every bite was one part delicate crunch and one part tender chicken.

Chicken Fried Steak With Brown Gravy, Potato Salad And Mac & Cheese

Nibbles were stolen from the red-skinned potato salad first.  Tender red-sksinned potatoes make a lovely potato salad.  The chicken fried steak was fine.  It was a bit salty (especially that puddle of brown gravy).  But, there was a certain nostalgia and charm which stems from the fact that we might have enjoyed this in a high school cafeteria.  Even with its flaws, we’d still say that it’s better than most cafeterias and diners serve.

Favorite meal at JR’s?  It’s still breakfast.  Those fluffy cat head biscuits are calling our name again.  We’ll be back.  Real Soon.

JR’s Log House Restaurant
6601 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30092
770 449 6426