Tree Story Bakery & Cafe

Fresh Cream Filled Croissants

Castella Crumb Twisted Doughnut

99 cents… Seriously?  They were on this day.  It was the daily special.

Light, fluffy and delicious.  This was absolute heaven with a green tea latte.  The airy dough was rich and full of flavor.  This was no run-of-the-mill twist of fried dough.  We want more.

Green Tea Latte

Rich, creamy and too good… this falls into the “We want more soon!” category.  And, those sweet little cream cheese rolled buns were equally delicious.

There are so many option to covet and crave.

Cakes, cookies, muffins, buns, croissants, and bread.  You want it?  They’ve probably got it.

So many buns…

Sweet and savory… side by side, they sit in harmony.

Just grab a basket and stake (or greedily grab) your claim.

Covered in almond slivers, we’ll take a basket of those next time.  But, this time we had to go with our favorites.  Pumpkin, walnut and chestnut manju top our list of must haves.  And, Tree Story Bakery’s manju were divine.  We also had to have those little puff pastry rolls filled with sweet potato.  The tops were lusciously glazed in sweetness and black sesame seeds.  It was all good.

…Too good!

If you’re going to splurge, make sure the treats you pop in your mouth are top notch.  Tree Story Bakery’s are certainly that.  Then, wash them down with a green tea latte.  Green tea negates all of that wickedness, doesn’t it?  Sure there’s coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and latte or two in the list of offerings.

See that rack of books off to the side there?  You might even find a book that you haven’t thought about for years.

As you exit the door at Tree Story Bakery and turn right, you’re steps away from a Super H, too.

Tree Story Bakery & Cafe
2550 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
678 584 0000

Calle Latina

La De Pernil Torta

Tender braised pork with roasted sweet peppers and habanero slaw fill this generously stuffed grilled torta.  The small cup of salsa on the side was a lovely blend of sweet and under-ripe mangoes.  The combination of sweet and under-ripe mangos makes for a great sweet-tart bite of fresh salsa.  This sandwich is one winning combination of flavors.

La Cubana Torta

Another very tasty sandwich, this one filled with carnitas, ham, swiss, black beans, pickle slices and mustard.  We couldn’t agree on a favorite.  We each loved our own chosen sandwich.  There was one little itty bitty flaw to the Cubana Torta.  Too much mustard and wet black beans made the sandwich quite messy to eat.  It was still very tasty.  And, we wouldn’t hesitate to order it again any day of the week.

Pollo Verde Empanadas

There was a generous amount of chicken in each empanada.  Each serving comes with two empanadas.  The pollo verde empanadas come drizzled with a mild green sauce.  Our pair of empanadas were freshly fried and the shredded chicken was tender and full of flavor.

Side of Habanero Slaw

We ordered an extra order of habanero slaw.  And, it was generously topped with even more of our favorite condiment…. their mango salsa.  We used that mango salsa to dress the chicken empanadas.  The habanero slaw itself was a bit bland.  It was dressed with a simple vinaigrette.  We would have enjoyed significantly more habanero and cilantro.

Order At The Counter

Seating is a bit limited.  There are 2 big tables, a smaller table and 2 strips of bar seating, each with three chairs.

And, you can’t miss the small gallery of Pete The Cat art.

Calle Latina is merely steps away from Decatur Marta.

Calle Latina
406 Church Street
Decatur, GA 30030
404 378 0020

Salted Caramel Cocoa By The Packet From Starbucks

Starbucks Salted Caramel Cocoa By The Packet

These cocoa packets fall into the same category as Godiva’s cocoa.  They’re pretty good… not great.  They’re a pleasant step above the average grocery store variety.  And, we do like the salted caramel flavor.  There’s a definite caramel flavor and the cocoa is rich enough to please.

120 Calories

That can’t include the 1 cup of hot milk.  Last time we checked, 1 cup of 2% milk had approximately 120 calories.  And, whole milk clocks in at around 150 calories.  So, if you add this packet to 2% milk you’re really consuming around 240 calories or approximately 270 calories with whole milk.

Since we weren’t in the mood for a meal in a glass, we added our packet to a mug of hot coffee.

Mmm…  Now, that’s not bad.  We wouldn’t use our favorite coffee.  But, we would use a packet on a mug came from that last pot of coffee that came from the last bit of beans at the bottom of a bag.  Or, we might use these packets to spice up that not so great cup of office coffee.


That Pie Place

The Cuban

Delicate, flaky crust… very nice.

So, this time we ate at That Pie Place.  Wow, what a difference!  These pies should be eaten immediately to appreciate the tender, flaky crusts.  Theses crusts were incredibly light, flaky and full of flavor.  The Cuban pie is generously stuffed with ham and pulled pork.  By far, this was the best of the savory options that we’ve tried.

Yes, we’re serious.  They are VERY generously stuffed.

The Chicken Pot Pie

Sadly, this one wasn’t completely warm in the middle.  But, even with the saucy filling, the crust was flaky.  And, the pie itself was tasty.

The Elvis Pie

This is our current favorite guilty pleasure.  The dessert pies are smaller than the savory pies.  One whole savory pie is a meal.  Add half of a dessert pie and you’re stuffed.

That Pie Place Art

Gotta Love A Good Mural

That Pie Place
6355 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
770 394 4743

New Orleans Snoball Cafe

Big Easy Paradise

Three flavors of syrup (Strawberry, Lemoncello & Mango) cover the snow.  Under that big mound of snow, there’s a generous scoop of coconut ice cream.  On top, there’s a crown of blueberry and strawberry puree.  It’s all good.  The tart bite of lemon brings all the flavors together.  But, the texture of the fluffy snow is divine.  Little crystals that hold the syrup beautifully.

Love, love, love it.

All White Wedding Cake

This one is wedding cake syrup with vanilla ice cream.  The snow is crowned with condensed milk.  At first, we weren’t sure about this one.   It’s definitely for the sweet tooth.  But, we were given a little tip…

Let it sit for a minute.  Have a little patience.

Keep waiting… one more minute.

That patience is rewarded when the condensed milk melts into the snow.  Combining with the wedding cake syrup, the thick, creamy condensed milk and sweet vanilla of the wedding cake syrup give the illusion of cake flavored snow.  It was very unique, interesting, and incredibly edible.  But, wow, is it sweet.

…in a good way

Build Your Own Snoball

Choose a size, choose a flavor, stuff it (or don’t) and crown it if you like with the topping of your choice.  Or, just choose a favorite from the list of offerings.  Some of the favorite flavors are Cafe du Monde, Chocolate Decadence, Mississippi Mudslide, Dreamsicle, or Mounds.

Or, just grab a bag of sweet or savory popcorn.  Different toppings and sizes range from $2 – $11.50.

Hmm, Bananas Foster…  maybe next time.

New Orleans Snoball Cafe
340 West Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 788 9141

Native – A Local Joint

Duck Poppers

Crab Cake Sandwich On Baby Greens with Sprouts & Avocado

This was more of a fork and knife sandwich.  The tender crab cake made cutting the sandwich in half a bit of a challenge.  But, it was loaded with crabmeat and it was quite tasty.  The avocado, sprouts and baby greens added a light touch that we enjoyed.

Blackened Shrimp Salad

This was a lovely assortment of tender baby greens with big chunks of gorgonzola generously scattered around the plate.  The port poached pear was a delight to nibble with those gorgonzola nuggets.  We love a salad that requires no dressing at all, even though one was provided.

We’re looking forward to trying some of the other green options.

Vegetarian Muffuletta, anyone?  We’d love to give it a try.

And,  a covered patio with comfy chairs for lounging around on a gorgeous day.


Tuesday thru Sunday

11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Native – A Local Joint
340 West Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 378 5500

Brad Kaplan’s Manhattan Rundown

This is required reading for all Manhattan lovers in Atlanta:

The Atlanta Manhattan Smackdown by Brad Kaplan

Now, it’s time to make the rounds and find your own personal favorite.

P.S.  Don’t be too hard on those bright red cherries.  We’ve been known to soak those toxic red cherries in our favorite bourbon (or brandy) for a couple of weeks.  Then, add a few to a bowl of good quality vanilla ice cream along with a drizzle of that bourbon (or brandy) … instant weekday treat.


Corn Muffin & Yeast Rolls

Both were tasty and served warm.  But, the corn muffins were devoured first.

Fish of the Day Special

With greens and beans, this was a yummy piece of fish.  Gently baked, it was moist, tender and spiced well.

Pulled Chicken & Oven Baked Ribs

This wasn’t a favorite meal by any account.  But, it offered the quirky vibes of an old school diner.  Of the bunch, the least favorite item on the plate was the stringy sweet potato casserole.  Stringy sweet potatoes make for an upleasant texture that’s hard to shake.  After one bite, we were done with it.  But, we could be tempted to give Roasters another shot.  We want to like this place.  Even if it’s hard to say why, exactly.

Maybe, it was a comfy, cosy hiding spot on one of the last cold days of winter.

2770 Lenox Road
Atlanta, GA 30324
404 237 1122

Iron Age

Start With A Blank Slate

Add Frozen Shot Glasses of Soju

Scatter Razor Thin Slices of Tender Brisket Over Griddle

Spiced Lettuce, Sauces…

Wraps & More

Taste, Build, Wrap

Taste, Build, Wrap… Repeat To Your Satisfaction

And, add jalapeño and garlic slices to the griddle.

Pork Belly With Hot Red Pepper Marinade

We were stuffed at this point.  But, we were good soldiers and forced ourselves to eat the rich, delicious pork belly.  Just the right dose of heat without overpowering the porky goodness, the marinade was divine.

So Very Good

Korean Music Videos On The Big Screen, Too

Open Til Midnight On Sunday

Don’t you just love all things Korean?  We do.

Iron Age Korean Grill & BBQ
2131 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
678 584 9098


Smoked Scallops & Grits

What could be better than the sweet, savory goodness of a tender scallop?  Add a touch of smoke.  It’s nothing short of divine.

Those perfectly seared smoked scallops are topped with crispy bits of onion and shallot.  They sit in a fluffy bed of creamy grits.  And, the smooth, buttery sauce rounds out the dish.  Butter and scallops, it’s a marriage made in heaven.

Look at that gorgeously poached egg nestled in with those creamy grits.

More, please.

Hangtown Fry

The delicately cooked egg crepes were delightful.  So tender, the egg and spinach blend together effortlessly into an even more delicious whole.

Finely diced potatoes complete the dish.  Crispy edges and tender middles, we enjoyed every bite.

The Current Brunch Menu

Brunch Cocktail, anyone?

The early bird catches the worm.

1106 Crescent Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA  30309
404 817 3650