MAR — Decatur

Fried Oysters With Mole Verde & Elote Aioli

The freshness of the oysters shined through it all.

Foie Gras Empanada
With Pickled Cabbage & Spicy Mango Peach Sauce

Delicate, flaky pastry encase the rich foie.

Some Other Options


La Familia


More Choices

Lobster Joeyz
In Black Tortilla Shell With Squid Ink

Grilled Tuna Salad

Castelvetrano Olives, Pine Nuts, Wood-Roasted Corn,
& Habernero Orange Vinaigrette

Options After 5:30PM

This was a lovely first meal from start to finish.

MAR Coastal
314 East Howard Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 373 2725


Argosy — East Atlanta

Just Tapped

The Admiral

Spotted Trotter Pepperoni, Cured Chorizo, Red Sauce, & Fresh Mozz

Pleasantly thin toward the middle with a thicker crust, this was a dense, yet tasty wood-fired pizza with great toppings.

Argosy Breakfast

The biscuits got mixed reviews.  One of us thought they were under-cooked in the middle.  The other didn’t mind the dense, doughy middle and focused on the positives.  The positives being that they were hot, rich, flaky and buttery.  So, we’ll have to give them another chance.

Other Brunch Specials

The large covered patio space was perfect for this very rainy day.

470 Flat Shoals Road SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
404 577 0407

Rib Sandwich — Burger King Style

Burger King’s Rib Sandwich

Apparently, Burger King was jealous of McDonald’s atrocity.  Yes, we’re referring to the “McRib”.  Now, Burger King has it’s very own atrocity.  Actually, that’s harsh.  At least the BK rib sandwich is edible.  We doubt we’d ever willingly eat it again.  But, it doesn’t quite reach the gag reflex levels, shivers, or horrific food nightmares that the “McRib” induced.  Congratulations, Burger King!  You made a sandwich slightly tastier than the McRib.

Way to go.

Chunky Cookie With Oreo Pieces

Supposedly, this cookie has 400 calories.  We find that very hard to believe.  This was a very NOT CHUNKY cookie.  In fact, it was quite thin and average-sized.  For $1, we wouldn’t call it a great value.  But, it was tasty enough to eat.  It’s possible that we found it more tasty than we should have.  But, we’d just eaten that depressing rib sandwich.  So, we were easy targets.

Burger King

Royal China

Fried Tofu Skin Stuffed with Pork & Crab

By far, this was the favorite of the day.  Piping hot and straight out of the kitchen, these were incredible.  The touch of fresh green accented the pork and crab in the best possible way.

Paired with spicy red pepper garlic sauce, those fried tofu skin dumplings were so good that we’re prepared to overlook two orders off of the steamed dumpling carts.  The shrimp and chive was slightly overcooked (above).  And, the shrimp and scallop was ridiculously overcooked to a state that the translucent wrapper was falling into mushy pieces.

Fish Dumplings Wrapped In Lettuce

These were a much more pleasant and satisfying choice.  Delicate fish dumplings wrapped in lettuce were lovely and stuffed with a mild tasting, fluffy fish filling.

These were some of the best barbecued pork pastries we’ve been fortunate enough to taste.  The flaky exterior was thin, buttery and delicious.  And, the BBQ’d pork filling?  It was stuffed in there very generously with a small dice of pork.  Only a touch of sauce was properly as a condiment, this allowed the tender pork to shine.

Black Sesame Paste Filled Fried Balls

Stuffed with bittersweet black sesame paste, these are one of our all time favorite dim sum treats.  And, to put it simply, these were perfection.  These were very generously covered in crispy, toasty sesame seeds on the outside.  Tucked into that deep dark center was a barely sweet creamy paste that was still warm.  That warmth led to a filling that was nothing short of buttery and sublimely smooth.  In a word, they were pure heaven.

Chrysanthemum tea completes our meal.

Food For Thought… Next Time

Royal China
3295 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Chamblee, GA 30341
770 216 9933

The General Muir — Another Brunch

Hazelnut-Crusted French Toast

With Roasted Bananas, Maple Syrup & Spiced Butter

So, lets just start by saying that the eater of this dish is not a fan of sugary breakfasts & brunches.  On top of that, he was already stuffed from the pastry basket.  Yet, the first words out of his mouth were something to the effect of, “Oh my god, this is so good.”  Both slices of french toast were very generously crusted with toasty hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts and maple syrup, they’re a marriage made in heaven.

Chicken Breakfast Laffa

On the other side of the brunch food spectrum, we have this savory chicken laffa.  Top a wrap filled with chicken, charred eggplant, red pepper and lentils with one sunny side up egg.  The generous swirl of harissa and yogurt aren’t just garnish.  With the bite of freshness from the cilantro leaves, all of the flavors come together.  It’s a comfort food feast for your eyes and your belly.

If you’re a savory brunch food person, this dish is for you.

A great cup of coffee makes it all better.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329
678 927 9131

The General Muir — Pastry Basket

The TGM Pastry Basket

Our basket was overflowing.

When we say overflowing, we mean seriously overflowing.

Even after removing the warm slice of chocolate babka, the basket was overstuffed.  Any one of these pastries could easily have been a meal for a hungry adult paired with that delicious coffee.

We each devoured a half share of the chocolate babka and cheese pastry.  Both were phenomenally good.  The babka was lightly griddled or toasted.  This provided the perfect touch of heat to make the chocolate melt in your mouth.

The cheese pastry had this divine swirl of sweet cinnamon in that gorgeously rich, buttery dough.  The scent of vanilla filled our senses.  Visible flecks confirmed what we already knew.  This was one dangerously good danish.  We were swimming in a sea of pastry heaven and stuffed to the gills… when breakfast arrives to the table.  Oops.  Once again, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

This pastry basket was so good, it deserved its own spotlight.  We’ll talk about that breakfast that we could barely eat tomorrow.

(Psst… Even the next day, the buttery bundt cake with cinnamon crumb topping was fabulous.  And, the cinnamon bun was tender, chewy and covered with enough crackly sugar glaze to double as a doughnut.  Each of these treats were generous enough to be a meal or large dessert.  The cinnamon bun was the least rich of the bunch.  But, that was a good thing.  We were ready to overdose with all of that sweet goodness.)

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place
Atlanta, GA 30329
678 927 9131

Jolie Kobe Bakery Sweets

Lemon Meringue Tart

By far, this was our favorite sweet of the day.  It’s not just lovely.  It was seriously good.  The raspberry was gorgeously fresh, the meringue was perfection touched with the toasty darkness of a roasted marshmallow and the lemon cream was light and refreshing.  We would have liked a bit more lemon bite… maybe a touch of zest to add some sweet/tart pucker.  Nevertheless, we loved it.

The Matignon
(Chocolate Mousse Cake)

The chocolate mousse cake was a pretty little sweet treat, too.  Wrapped in thin ribbons of dark chocolate, light chocolate mousse was separated by very thin chocolate cake layers.  This cake is roughly 80% mousse, 15% cake and 5% ganache icing.  In the end, we both admitted to secretly wishing we’d gone for two lemon meringue tarts.

Almond Croissant

Thin, crisp layers wrap around the exterior of the croissant.  On the inside, moist layers with a delicate chew are buttery rich.  Unfortunately, the almond filling is quite bland and used far too sparingly.  There is almost no almond flavor on the inside.  And, the texture is reminiscent of a gritty pastry cream. We’d be willing to try one of their other croissants.  But, we won’t be getting one of their almond croissant again any time soon.

Meringue Bears

Meringue Chicks

Too cute.

Jolie Kobe Bakery
5600 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
404 843 3257

Joli Kobe Bakery & Cafe

Hanger Steak & Eggs

The fried eggs were treated a bit roughly.  But, the gorgeous kale and hanger steak made this a meal to remember.

Even with all of the bright flavors on the plate, it was the beefy richness of that hanger steak that we’re still talking about today.  It was an incredible piece of meat that was cooked beautifully.

Smoked Trout, Kale & Soba

Yuzu Beurre Blanc, Hijiki, Mushrooms, & Toasted Sesame Seeds, Too

It’s now on the list of our favorite brunches for the year 2013.

Paired with Nakanaka barley shochu, it’s a dish that will keep us coming back again and again.  We’re sure of it.  There’s so much flavor to wake up your taste buds and no nap is needed afterwards.  That’s a real win for a Sunday brunch meal.

It was a lovely day that we’ll remember fondly.

Up next:
Treats from their bakery

Joli Kobe Bakery & Cafe
5600 Roswell Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342
404 843 3257

Snake Dog IPA

Flying Dog Brewery’s Snake Dog India Pale Ale

Snake Dog IPA

Do you ever purchase your beer based on the unique art on the bottle?

Apparently, we do.

This is a pleasantly bitter IPA with a fresh, tart citrus bite.

Flying Dog Brewery

(We found ours at the Tower on Buford Highway.)

Thinking Man Tavern

Cheddar Guac Burger with Parmesan Grill Roasted Corn

This was a very big & tasty burger covered with generous amounts of cheddar and guac.  But, it was the gorgeous grilled corn smothered with shredded cheese on the side made that made us really happy.

Bourbon Fried Chicken

The extremely crisp and brittle shell on this chicken breast was quite unique.  It had a very hard, crisp crumbly crunch.  That hard shell revealed a very moist and tender interior.  Adding a mountain of mashed sweet potatoes and green beans made this one incredibly hearty lunch.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

The sweet malt, roasty dark caramel and an oaky background made this one smooth beer that was really easy to drink.  It had a good dose of sweetness.  But, it wasn’t too sweet.

Comfort food and a good beer, what more do you want?  Board games and a comfy room with mismatched chairs and a concrete floor to lounge around in while you eat, drink and be merry?


Thinking Man Tavern
537 West Howard Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 370  1717