Honey Bits

Custard With Slivered Almonds

Crescents Filled With Sweet Bean Paste

Stuffed With Mango Custard

And, Doughnuts?

No, they’re not really doughnuts.

They’re Hokkaido cream buns.  That’s a super fluffy, barely sweet yeast bun.  Here, they’re cut into doughnut shapes and covered in white chocolate candy coating.

Our favorite?  The sweet bean paste filled crescents were the clear winner.

The crumbly green tea butter cookies (in to-go box) were a very close second.

And, we expected the mango custard to be another easy favorite.  But, sadly, we weren’t crazy about the flavor or texture.

Lotus Pastry

Our Italian grandmother would have loved those snail shaped balls of dense dough to dip in her coffee.  She used to make something very similar to these.  But, she would make S shapes and twists to dip into her coffee and milk.  They were perfect for her elderly stomach and taste buds.  These were a bit too plain for our taste, though.  The next time we get the flu, we’ll be sure to buy more of these.

Passion Fruit Green Tea With Popping Lychee Boba

The passion fruit green tea had a perfect balance of sweet passion fruit and green tea.  But, those popping balls were just too sweet.  They’re a bit like popping balls of diabetes in a glass.

Honey Bits Bakery And Cafe
5231 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30340
770 455 6867

The Capital Grille

Bread Basket

Sometimes, the simplest things make us happy.  One of those things would be the delicate crunch of coarse salt mingling with soft, sweet butter on a fresh bun that crackles with your bite.

Dry Aged Steak Salad With Mozzarella & Tomatoes

Those slices of steak were intensely rich with beef flavor and extremely tender with a buttery smoothness.

Lobster Roll On Brioche

The lobster roll was quite nice.  Though, we might say it was ever so slightly over-dressed.  And, the fries with deep fried herbs and garlic were crispy perfection.

What’s another simple little thing that we’re loving?

The Capital Grille’s grapefruit soda was divine.  Refreshingly tart, we love it!

The Capital Grille
94 Perimeter Center West
Dunwoody, GA 30346
770 730 8447

Royal Sweets

Royal Sweets

Veg Puffs

These savory potato puffs are a mixture of potato, spicy pepper, spices, mint and other green herbs.  Then, they’re dusted with even more dried spices (and amchur powder, too?).

Samosa Chaat, Kachori Chaat, & Mixed Chaat

What’s better than samosa chaat?

Kachori chaat!

Adding even more heat and richness to the dish,  it’s our new favorite.

So many options…

Sweets ready to go.

Punjabi Kachori

Fresh out of the fryer and super crisp, we couldn’t resist taking a few more for the road.


…and the food truck

That’s just the icing on the cake.

Royal Sweets
1685 Church Street
Suite 106
Decatur, GA 30033
404 464 5427

The Glenwood

The Waffle Cristo

Silly good on a plate, this sandwich demands that you smile.


But, next time, we’d probably ask for the jam on the side.

Jamaican Jerk Burger & Waffle Fries

Good sear on the outside and still pink on the inside, this was a great burger.  The spices enhanced the rich beef without overpowering it.

Fried Shrooms & Zucchini

We call them an excuse to linger and drink more beer.

Sculpin IPA

Then again, when the beer’s this good… who needs an excuse?

Delirium Nocturnum
Belgian Strong Dark Ale

The Glenwood
1261 Glenwood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30316
404 748 1984


White India Pale Ale

Fresh citrus mingles with an earthy pine that makes your lips and tongue tingle, light malt balances beautifully with the hops, a touch of sweetness rounds out the bitterness and leads to a refreshingly dry finish.

New Belgium Brewing

Breakfast Burritos @ El Taco Veloz

What’s For Breakfast?

Al Pastor Breakfast Burrito

Add eggs and this is it.

Chorizo & Eggs

With cilantro, onions and salsa with plenty of jalapeño heat… always!

There’s all sorts of delicious tucked in there for about $5 each.

El Taco Veloz
5084 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30341
770 936 9094

Éclat Chocolate

Éclat Chocolate

What’s better than a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day?  A surprise box (or two) of chocolates that arrive with the promise of more surprises yet to come.

The Peruvian Nacional Traditional Truffles

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Oh, wait.  That’s not entirely true.  These were even better.

So very much better…

The truffles are all about balance.  They’re about balancing the bitter with the creamy sweet.  That is not the Good & Evil bar.  The Good & Evil bar takes you to the edge.  You know that perfect space where bitter hints at sweetness, giving you just enough.  But, it keeps you craving more.  You want another bite of that bitter, sweet thing that defines chocolate and makes it the incredibly special thing that it is.

The tiny little roasted nibs add just the right touch of crunch and bitterness.

Bittersweet chocolate perfection?  It really is.

Shiraz Truffles

Also lovely, these were the sweetest of the three.

We really missed the light dusting of cocoa powder that hits your tongue with bitter and sweet in every bite.  That’s what we really want.

Éclat Chocolate, you know you want it.

Eclat Chocolate

Co’m Vietnamese Grill

 Salad Of Green Mango, Green Papaya, Apple, & Carrot

Topped With Shrimp, Fried Shallots, & Cilantro

We love this dish… period.  There are no words, only love.

Shaking Wok Fry

Shaking Chicken With Lemongrass

Slivers of chicken mingle with lemongrass and onion.  Oddly, this dish was quite salty.  It may have been a fluke.  Never an issue before, we’d definitely try it again.

Co’m Vietnamese
4005 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30345
404 320 0405

VN Tofu

Bánh Patê Sô
(Or Pâté Chaud)

Bánh Bao
(Pork And Green Onion Dumplings)

Two tasty to-go meals or snacks.

VN Tofu
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Suite A-10
Norcross, GA 30093
678 691 0628

Leon’s Full Service

Hive Mind

Incredibly good, the botanical elements beautifully balanced the bitter with the sweet.

Winter Cocktails

Felix Culpa, plans for dessert cocktails begin.

Lagunitas Sucks Imperial IPA

We both loved it.

You can’t go wrong.  They’re all winners.


With Pine Street Speck, Roasted Fennel, Daikon, &
Dots Of Anise Maple Syrup

Sounds good, right?  Well, it tastes even better.  Those golden seared scallops were still supremely tender.  You know that luscious melt-in-your-mouth tenderness coupled with the-taste-of-the-sea sweetness that perfectly fresh scallops have?  Mmhmm, they were divine.


Delicious isn’t always pretty.  Who cares?

The coconut rice, tender black beans, and sunny side up egg were topped with a “hot sauce”.  Each element was very good.  Together, they were something we’d eat for breakfast or lunch any day of the week.

Brussel Sprout Hash, Too

With big, smoky chunks of Pine Street bacon, sweet onion and apple, we can’t imagine a better brussel sprouts dish.

Another winner.

This should be a picture of dark golden brown, super crisp on the outside, tender in the middle confit chicken leg and thigh.  But, someone devoured it at light speed.

Killing Moon In Front, Felix Culpa In Back

Both of these were lovely dessert cocktails to remember.

We hope to see that soup on the menu again.

Better Than Ever

Leon’s Full Service
131 East Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 687 0500