Our Way Cafe

No, that’s not bbq’d pork.  It’s roasted pork.

This pork was roasted so perfectly tender that it was possible to pull into succulent threads.  Those threads were then tossed in a gravy made of the pan drippings.  Topped with a buttery biscuit, this was home style decadence.

Roasted Chicken With Lemon And Spice Rub

Without a doubt, this was the best chicken breast to ever come out of a cafeteria tray.  The skin was touched with color and a healthy dose of spice added to the party.  The chicken was topped with a big chunk of spicy (not really, but, still quite good) cornbread and enough veggies on the side to feed two hungry adults.  For less than $10 each, we each had our own meat & two feast.

Rich & Creamy Spinach With Squash Casserole Hidden In Back

We’d hazard a guess that both of these vegetable dishes were better than most home made versions.  And, that’s not a statement we’d make lightly.  We’ve both had many versions of each one of these dishes.  Nine times out of ten, they’re loose and runny.  Here, both dishes were supremely rich and creamy.  This is comfort food to remember.

Mac & Cheese

Last, but not least, this macaroni and cheese instigated a statement never heard before.

“It might just be as good as yours.”

“Excuse me.?”, she said

(Note the use of the word might as he tested the waters.)

But, he was right.  It might be.

This macaroni and cheese was creamy and custardy without being too heavy or greasy.  Topped with a golden brown shell of crispy cheese, this was one fine version of the dish.

With every dish in the place ranging from $2 to $3 dollars, don’t be afraid of the cafeteria style set up.  This place dishes up some mighty fine Southern style comfort food.


Monday thru Friday — 11am until 8pm

Psst…  don’t forget to check the website or call about daily special.  The menu changes daily.

Eva’s Our Way Cafe
2831 East College Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 292 9356

Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub

Nooks, Crannies, & Cobblestones

Equal parts of gloss, character, charm and tasty nibbles, we were instantly delighted and bemused.  The exterior is shiny new and modern.  Then, you step into the dimly lit interior.  Cobblestones cover the floor.  Each turn exposes another cleverly placed table or booth dripping with wood and stained glass.  Vintage or reproduction?  Who cares?  This place is too charming to care.

Just Order A Drink

Guinness Shandy?  Sure, why not.

Fish & Chips

Crisp, golden brown batter encases tender, flaky fish.  As a matter of fact, both fish & chips were very nicely done.  What’s better, the fish or the chips?  This is our favorite dilemma.  We’ll just have to try them both again.  And, again…

HP Sauce & Malt Vinegar

Both orders of properly seasoned chips had the perfect balance of crisp, golden brown shell with tender potato on the inside.

The Edinburgher

A Fried Egg & Rashers Top This Burger

Even the egg and rashers couldn’t hide the rich beef flavor of this burger.

Other Choices

Bangers & Mash?

Maybe, we’ll give them a try next time.

Somehow, it fits right in.

Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub
705 Town Boulevard
Suite Q380
Atlanta, GA 30319

Red Boat

Red Boat Fish Sauce

(VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you buy the 40° N version.)

First Press

Why should you try this fish sauce?

Two reasons:

Black Anchovies and Sea Salt

(These are the only two ingredients in this phenomenal fish sauce.)

It’s also on the Saveur 100 List for 2012.

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Whole Foods

Rosita, Again


Torta Cubana

From the top layers of guacamole, lettuce and diced tomatoes to the bottom layer of beef, this was one killer sandwich.

(And, it’s more than enough (too much, really) after a morning hiker or two up Stone Mountain.)

Combo # 1
(One Salvadoran Tamale, One Mexican Tamale & One Carnitas Taco)

Once again, every element of this dish was even better the second time around.

Crispy Bits & Tender Pork

We’re happy.

Paletas de Crema (Lots of Flavors)

(Wow, someone forgot to focus.)

Rosita Taqueria Y Pupusas
Suite 110
4121 Stone Mountain Highway
Lilburn, GA 30047
770 979 2900 or 678 344 7080

Popped Sorghum

Hot N’ Chilly Chili Mini Pops
(Air Popped Sorghum Grain)

Dusted with chili powder, garlic and other spices (cumin and paprika?), this is a nice little snack.  But, the little popped grains have an unpleasant ratio of pesky skins to fluffy grain.  That’s even more tough skins to get stuck in your teeth.  Not fun.

Mini Pops

Whole Foods

Fung Mei

Steamed Buns

Pretty, fluffy and tasty.

Dumplings In Chili Oil

Even though this was the mildest form of the dish we’ve ever tasted, we both loved these tender dumplings in a sauce rich with chili flavor.  There was almost no heat to those chilies, but, they sure were tasty.

After a little bite off of the end of each dumpling, we drizzled some of that luscious oil into each one.

Shrimp with Chinese Chives

Tender shrimp, fresh bright green chive flavor swimming in a garlic-y sauce…

So Good.

Pork With Hot Peppers

This dish was not hot… at all.

But, we couldn’t stop eating it.  The sweet onions and slivers of green pepper were a nice distraction from the rich pork.

Fung Mei
Pung Mie
1605 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, GA 30096
770 935 8888

Fiesta Farmers Market

Manzano Peppers

Filled with gorgeous black seeds, these peppers are the perfect balance of heat and sweet, fruity pepper flavor.

Love, love, love them!  And, even more love for…

P.A.N. Sweet Corn Mix

The scent of sweet corn oozing out of the seams of this arepa mix is intoxicating.

We can’t wait to make our first batch.

It’s a love fest, today.

Five Roses Flour

Fiesta Farmers Market
4166 Buford Highway NE
Atlanta, GA 30345
404 633 3066

El Taco Veloz

Carnitas Burrito

Tender, shredded pork was the centerpiece of this delicious burrito.  But, those crispy bits mingling with onion, cilantro and a nice dose of salsa verde were the perfect finishing touches that elevated this to be something more than just another burrito.  Can you believe this was purchased at a drive thru window?

Barbacoa Burrito

Even more succulent and tender than the pork, we debated the attributes of each burrito.  In the end, we agreed to disagree.  Both were full of flavor and an incredible bargain at $5 each.

Next time, we’ll probably ask for extra cilantro.

Cubana Torta

One slice of ham, one halved hot dog, an egg, and a little sprinkle of grilled chorizo are topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, onions and pickled jalapeños.  This was the first time we regretted ordering the Cubana.  It was fine, but, forgettable.

El Taco Veloz
5084 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30341
770 936 9094

The Doritos Taco

The Doritos Taco

Ladies and Gentleman, Step Right Up….

Come one, come all…

Have you ever seen a real live freak show?

Once upon a time, in a city far away…

We went to a carnival.  We weren’t even married.  We were young, fresh out of college.  And, there we were… having a blast at the Broward County Fair.  It’s a county fair in only the vaguest sense.  The  Broward County fair is more of a carnival, really.  A carnival that’s all about the rides.  The county fair part is more of an afterthought.  So, there we are on this night many moons ago.  Young and full of hope.  We were hitting all the best rides.  We were still breathless from the super fast double ferris wheel.  (It’s the one that whips you around so fast.  You feel lucky to be alive when you finally jump off.)  And, we see a sign.  50 cents.  See the smallest person in the world!

It’s not a freak show.  No, it’s one of those free standing trailers.  The sort of trailer that usually holds the world’s biggest steer or the world’s tiniest pony.  But, no, this is a sign to see the smallest person in the world!  How do you say no to that?

We pay our $1 and step in line.  Instantly, we regret our choice when we see the look on the face of the guy two steps ahead of us.  Suddenly, his face just drops.  We look at each other.  Puzzled and curious, we step forward and take our $1 look at the world’s smallest person.  In retrospect, neither one of us knew what we were thinking.  How wrong is it to pay money to gawk at another human being?  It’s very wrong.  And, it’s a moment we won’t forget.  And, that we will live to regret. (as well we should)

There behind the wall of the trailer was a very small lady.  Sitting behind a wall of the trailer that blocks her from view until you pay your money, you step forward and walk into her living space.  She was sitting there watching tv.  And, as we turn the corner, still smiling hesitantly, she looks up at us with tired, empty eyes.  The smile is instantly wiped off of our faces.

We had just aged beyond our years at the blink of an eye.

We just paid $1 to gawk at a living human being.  We were surely going to hell.  And, we knew it.

Yes, sure it tastes good.  It’s a giant dorito stuffed with all the usual suspects.

But, some things should go unseen… or in this case… untasted.

We feel dirty.  Wicked and dirty.

Thai Restaurant Of Norcross

Mixed Seafood Salad

Fresh green chilies and perfectly cooked seafood on a bed of dressed salad greens with carrot shreds and sliced onion.

One of us could happily live on this dish.

Lunch Special —  Grilled Beef

These incredibly tender, glazed beef short ribs are amazingly rich with flavor.

More, please.

Lunch Special — Wing of Angel

Wing, singular.

That’s a ground pork stuffed chicken wing.  Yes, it’s tasty.  But, you might leave a little hungry.  Their version of Thai style fried rice is a bit plain and boring on its own.

Lunch Special — Soup on the Side

Both lunch specials came with choice of soup or egg roll.

Soup, please.

Thai Restaurant of Norcross
6065 South Norcross Tucker Road
Norcross, GA 30093
770 938 3883